Friday, June 22, 2007

The Days are dimming

Yesterday we went to Husavik, a fishing village with museums. Husavik is where the world (in)famous phallological museum resides. It was...interesting, however, at least among the non-human animals (no homosapien members allowed) you can pretty much say, they´re all variations on a theme, or, if you´ve seen one, you´ve seen them all. Better not to see them floating in a bottle, actually.

The high point of the day was being on the ocean, heading North (toward the sun!)whale watching. We saw humpback whales, porpoise, Minke whales, and even unbelievably huge Blue whales. They were close, as well. We could see details as the shape of the blow hole, the texture of the skin, the flexure of muscle. It was cold, but I was happy with whales, puffins, terns and friends with bottles of brandy and schnapps and lots of laughter all around. At midnight the sun was a brilliant orange at the horizon, dipping to touch the ocean for just a moment before the next day began.


Eileen said...

There's an actual phallological museum? I shudder to think what the gift shop is like.

Miss you!


Shawna Yang Ryan said...

Hey! You're blogging! Why didn't you send out an announcement...So glad I thought to google you! Keep posting!