Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What a day! (Iceland is a place that requires lots of exclamation points.) We went out to the farthest northern farm in the world today, forded a wide river four times which traversed a arid volcanic landscape that stretched for miles, both, as one would expect, in reality, but also visually. I could see yesterday´s weather and tomorrow´s, one on the southern horizon, the other northern... We visited waterfalls, (Hrafrabjavgafoss-or Raven-saving waterfall) and saw the columnar forms that cooling magma created. Magma forms columns perpendicular to the cooling surface, so the columns that are created when lava occludes a river are practically paisley patterns atop the more usual vertical columns.

I am now full of all sorts of information about Iceland from the fact that it is actually a raised section of sea floor, to erosio(and other geologic processes)occur here at 100 fold speed because of its ''soft'' basalt make-up.

Plover eggs, house ducks, swans, midges, and pizzas and a milk cow (stolen by a troll) called Bukolla. Huni tells me the Bukolla pizza topped with steak, bernaise sauce, french fries, cheese and peppers is the best in the world and can only be found in Rejkavik. I will report if it is really worth the ''Oh, my God'' he tells me it is.
The lamb chops served at the farm, Sevakot, certainly were. Lots of piano playing now at one in the morning, the light outside barely dimmed. Bill has a whiskey bottle out, Louis a glass of wine.

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