Sunday, July 6, 2008

I keep a close watch...Johnny's Star

Before leaving LA, we took a trip to Hollywood to meet friends for lunch. Walking to the restaurant I looked down and saw stars. Somehow I always expect the stars to be...showier, cleaner, maybe with a few actors milling around to give autographs. Instead there they are in a sidewalk. Being stepped on. Gum and grime abound, there are chips out of the sidewalk. Some of the stars are blank as if there is no more talent to fill them. I was glad to see Johnny Cash's star. He is someone who made art early, and continued to make art all the way to the end. I very much like his last album and it gives me hope that there is time to make things no matter the age.

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Cuzzen B said...

Hey, I love The Great JRC's latest album as well. I presume you speak of "100 Highways" . . . who woulda thought?