Monday, July 28, 2008


This guy, by the way, sat on the dashboard the entire trip, once I had found him on the sidewalk in San Diego. We thought he was black, but after we came home I peeled him off the dash of the rental car and stuck him in my pocket... my jeans went through the wash...and the lizard came out green. Ew.

Here's one of my favorite places on the ranch. A high meadow on the North side.

Louis looking South, the Missouri Buttes in the background.

The whitetail deer did not appreciate our company.

Sam scratched the outline on his hand on the name rock. The first time he did it, his hand was sooo tiny.

Next stop- North Dakota

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jenn's mama said...

These are great pics! You look absolutely cute and sneaky--and I cannot believe Sam--I almost didn't recognize him. Louis's locks (at the time) are soooo appropriate. Thanks for sharing your Wyoming.