Thursday, August 9, 2007

Designing Turpentine

From left to right-Turpentine, the uncorrected proof, the advance reader's copy, and the final version that I received yesterday from Grove.

Many authors have hated the covers of their books. (i.e. the writer who had stickers made to paste over his terrible cover) I've known authors who absolutely hated the adversarial process of having a cover chosen for their books, even if it finally worked out all right.
I, however, have nothing but good things to say about Grove/Atlantic - Morgan, and Andrew. They got the right image, the right font, the right cover, trying out a number of mock-ups, even employing several artists along the way. Gene Mollica produced the winning design.
As for the process- Gene, Andrew, and Morgan were kind enough to talk to me about the work, even asked my opinion about the images. They were all exceedingly generous with their time. (I ask a lot of questions.) The book has turned out beautifully. It has flaps! It has rich color, a soft matt finish, the perfect font, and a detail I am most enamored of-deckle edges on the pages.
Thank you Gene, Andrew and Morgan!


Shawna Yang Ryan said...


Shawna Yang Ryan said...

i love deckle edges too!

zhen's mama said...

Wow, Spring, thanks to Shawna's blog--I'm in touch. As I shouted out to you on her very clever Congratulations on your debut! You deserve it. --Zhen's Mama