Friday, August 31, 2007

Tilley's Sherbet Lemons

Ah, finally. The shop where I buy candy finally had these in. They are lemon drops with a very tart fizz deep inside. I started sucking on them as a little energy boost while I was writing and was quickly addicted. Once I was addicted, of course, the shop ran out of them.

I began checking the candy shop daily, feeling like I really couldn't get by without them. I remembered another filled lemon drop which I had once loved, Bon Bon Napoleons, and went to the newstand where they once carried those. They had promised me they would order them, but in the two years I've been inquiring, they have failed to do so. They still didn't have them.

I was forced to turn to Zotz. Zotz, unfortunately, didn't come in lemon, only cherry and apple. And you couldn't get a whole bag, only a tail of them, four Zotz a tail. I grudgingly switched to Zotz, still checking, now only on a weekly basis, for the lemon sherbets.

Today, Tilley's came through with it's British flag fluttering on the front of the package and the statement "Established 1885 Finest Quality Traditional Sweets" in red and white lettering below the flag.

When I dumped them on the counter to take their picture, there was a lot of escaped fizz on the counter. I popped one of the sherbets into my mouth. Sweeter than the zotz, but just wait until that fizz. The fizz didn't come. I tried another, it was broken. Perhaps these were old Tilleys! The best buy date said May 9...but what year? I was disgruntled. The Tilleys weren't doing it for me anymore. I was actually yearning for a Zotz now and I'd just bought three bags of Tilleys.

I searched my office drawer and found an almost spent tail of Zotz, one rose colored candy at the end. I opened it, ate it. while wondering why I was suddenly preferring Zotz. Zotz have a higher fizz to candy ratio. The candy surrounding the fizz is also more tart. The only things they lacked was a lemon flavor, a larger bag and the swank Tilley's name and traditional aura surrounding them. Still, Tilleys are good. Anyone want a bag? I've got extra.

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Shawna Yang Ryan said...

I want to try one! Then maybe I'll take a bag....