Sunday, September 2, 2007

Transforming the entry

Sometimes I just want to build something. Something I can put my hands on and use. Because writing, though building with words, is very abstract. An abstractions of sound into meaning. An abstract set of marks to symbolize the abstract sounds that mean something. If one works on a computer they are using little blips of electricity that create a sequence of blips so that the computer can "read" in its abstract language and turn it into our abstract language. All those abstract words into abstract sentences, into abstract files called chapters and books...

Like I said, I want to put my hands on wood, cut it, shape it, use it. I've made tables, chairs, amoires, boxes, pencil I am going to put up hooks in the entry so that we can hang our coats. For no matter it is 100 degrees out, fall, and then winter, are coming.

Here is the before. Actually it looks pretty good. In the photo you can't see the holes in the wall, the dingy paint, the scratches and stain on the sixty year old tiles...believe me, they are there.

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jenn's mama said...

This is why you and my other half would have lots to talk about. I've told him about the beautiful pieces you made and have in your house! Can't wait to see the finish.