Saturday, September 22, 2007

That was a great day. And now... (last day)

Yesterday was one of those days that pulls me right out of my usual state of anxious blue. My publicist e-mailed me two reviews, both great. One from the Great Falls paper and one from the San Francisco Chronicle! I also got an e-mail from an old friend who is going to try to come and visit me while I'm in Montana. Then, feeling extremely chipper, I got my nails done and as I have only had my nails done twice in my life, I found sitting in the spa watching women trail in and out very interesting. And my nails have a nice trimmed look, though I have already chipped, dented and rubbed the nude polish on them. I got my hair cut a little more, and I love it. I got more copies of my cards made, and then when I got back home found an invitation for Louis and I to present for the Modesto Bee Book Club! (I now have three book clubs lined up to talk to!)

I got a package from one of my best friends and in it was the typewriter charm pictured above and a travel kit complete with neck pillow, earplugs and lotion. By this time, I am reeling with happiness.

We had drinks with friends as we often do on Friday afternoons at the Bistro and celebrated Kathy's finished rough draft and article acceptance. Whiskey was good. Then we met John and Lisa and had dinner at the Mustard Seed. A great time. At one point we were all singing Gentle on my Mind-good thing I didn't have my harmonica or the evening might well have soured. Instead we went from that to telling off-color jokes with the chef. (A cowboy walks into...)

When I got home I slumped on the couch. My throat was slightly sore. (uproarious behavior will do that.)

I woke up this morning...SICK. Nose running, throat tight, eyes swollen, slight cough. It is cloudy. It is cold. I have a lot to do and no energy to do it. All the anxiety I wasn't feeling yesterday was just waiting until my resistance was down to sock me with both a cold and dire pessimism.

Today-Buy more dayquil. Pack computer/paperwork bag. Check that I have all the itinerary information, notes, phone numbers, and names that I will need. Rest.


jenn's mama said...

I miss the Mustard Seed at your mention of it...and the Bistro too. I sipped a many a appletinis there! Solo!

I hope you feel better.

Antoinette O'Neill said...

Wow! You have very good friends! What a cute charm.