Thursday, September 20, 2007

2 Days

What ifs are exploding all around. What if I catch a bug on the plane and don't have antihistimine? What if I get a toothache like I did in Chicago and can't find a dentist or a pair of pliers? What if I get stung by a bee, get a cold sore, a flare, a headache?

It would be bad. But I will do the magical incantation to keep these things from happening. I will go to RiteAid and arm myself with pharmaceuticals, and that preparation will ensure I will need nothing of the things I purchased. Right?

I will collect all my paperwork in a file today. Send off the last forms to the Festival, gather books and make sure all the official stuff will fit into my 2nd carryon. (I don't check baggage anymore) I need to make sure I have a good pen for book signing (Sure HOPE I need it) Trying to sign books with a bad pen is awful. Too thin of point, too thick, too fast, too draggy and it starts to look like a five year old signed my name. I need to contact a couple of friends in Missoula and hope to see them while I'm there and print out driving directions to the TV station in Rapid City.

The rest of today is a day of regular pre-travel activities. Do laundry. (Go to the drug store) Talk to Jesse and Nicole about watching the house (geese, ducks, turtles, fish, cats, rabbits). Make sure there is plenty of animal food. Type up directions. Some cleaning. Call the ranch and make sure all is fine for our arrival, anticipate seeing my folks, the ranch, Wyoming.

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jenn's mama said...

Too funny: "Trying to sign books with a bad pen is awful."