Saturday, September 8, 2007

Turpentine, in-situ

Shawna came to town yesterday (Yes, the Shawna Yang Ryan, writer extraordinaire, who wrote Locke 1928, available on Amazon, don't tell me you haven't read it yet? Have you checked out her web site? She has one of the best blogs going!) We went to bookstores to see it on the shelves. At Borders we found all but one of the autographed versions sold and six new ones out.

Louis brought them to a clerk and said I would sign them. The clerk looked at me dubiously and I said, "He means, I will sign them if you would like me to..." The clerk frowned. "Maybe two. If you sign the books, we can't return them!" I signed (squeaked three under the wire) and tried not to laugh. What faith the woman had in me!

I had, of course forgotten my camera, and Shawna hers so we didn't even get to record the event for posperity.

I was downtown this morning, however, so I went back, took a photo and was stopped by the clerk. He told me he couldn't allow me to take photographs in the store. I pointed to Turpentine and said, "Oh, I was just taking a picture of my book." He didn't smile. "It is corporate policy. No photographs."

Why? What could people do with pictures taken in Borders? What are they afraid of? Do things happen in Borders they don't want bandied about? What happens in Borders stays in Borders?

And the photograph that got interrupted? That's not it. That's not Borders. That may not even be Turpentine top shelf second from the left. I swear.


jenn's mama said...

Wow! It's really there on the shelf. And I remember when you were at Star Bucks every day, every morning writing and writing and writing. I wonder if you still write there sometimes. I know Turpentine will be here in Arlington, Texas stores; just a matter of time. Got mine already..though!

jenn's mama said...

One more thing: Wouldn't it be an interesting waste of time to check the "store policy" and see if there is a clause that literally reads "authors cannot take photographs of their books"....I don't believe him---in my old boss's words: the store clerk has 'bunched panties'.