Friday, September 14, 2007

8 Days

I began day 8 BT (before tour) with a run. As I ran I thought about Kandee and as often happens (though not as often as I like) I figured out a few things about the novel. As soon as I got home (which was not as soon as I'd like) I jotted down the cryptic notes I'd been chanting to myself fearing I'd forget them.

-2 mentions of Rudolph 1) flu house, 2) diary...
-Rudolph scene (the house with fruit trees)...
-4 stinks..
-Opening New Year's dance, some soldiers dancing others not.

I mailed my applications to Western Writers of America and to Women Writing the West. I've been waiting to do this and now with an officially published book under my belt, I was finally able to fill out the forms.

Elizabeth e-mailed more travel plans (did I want to spend an extra day in Missoula?) and information on the Banff/Calgary trip. Everything is set so far, though I need to make reservations for ABQ.

I made contact with some of the writers I will be appearing with on panels over the next month. What a great bunch I get to hang with: Ellen Baker-Keeping the House, Alyson Hady-Keeneland, Snow Ashes, -Nyla Griffith, Lucky Strike, -Russell Rowland, The Watershed Years, In Open Spaces and Sarie MacKay, Lodestar. That is a wonderful part of this gig-getting to meet all those authors.

One of the high points of the day was receiving a message from a fan. He read Turpentine and wrote such a nice note, I was greatly cheered. I often think of writing to authors and do not- thinking they might not want to hear from someone they don't know. I may have to re-think that stance. I certainly liked it.

Finally, reading a draft of Shawna Yang Ryan's upcoming book. (Check out Locke 1928) Both books are really something. Another great part of the writer's gig is when you have writing friends who will not only read your work, but also hand over great novels for your perusal.

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jenn's mama said...

Thanks for sharing your success, the process before and after. You are generous with access.