Monday, September 17, 2007


A weekend of biking. Actually, only some hours of biking on the weekend, but the seventy miles tired me out the entire weekend. I was forced by my unassailable fatigue to take a nap though I often wake from naps even groggier than I was going in. Maybe I had a "touch of something." Something seems to be going around. In any case, I didn't get anything done but the NYT crossword puzzle.

Today, only five days before we fly to Rapid City, I need to drop off the last two books to people in the acknowledgements, finish the airline arrangements, make a reading plan and mark Turpentine accordingly, send the finished comments on the book I just read, make sure I have all the copies I need in the event file. Maybe I'll try to figure out what unwrinkleable clothes I should stuff into my suitcase for the trip.

Then when Sam gets home, we'll watch David Attenborough (my hero) and eat popcorn.

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