Friday, November 16, 2007

Flying to Albuquerque and the reading at BookWorks, Wednesday, November 14th

The vacuum bag at work. This is my pemmican clothing; A long blazer, pair of pants, tights, pajamas, all squashed into a notebook sized space.

The desert is sooo beautiful. New Mexico is gorgeous.

The BookWorks bookstore patrons. I took this picture noting that if we were in a murder mystery I'd be the victim, someone in the audience not wanting to have it known he/she had been there. Thank God I survived.

Preparing to read, enthroned in the large chair, seemingly puzzling over something at the back of the book.

One of the best things about readings is afterwards, having conversations with people I wouldn't usually get to talk to.

Gingy Scharff, aka Virginia Swift. She not only writes REAL history, but also has penned a fantastic mystery series, The Mustang Sally books, which are set in Laramie, Wyoming.

The bookstore was fantastic, but the owners, Nancy (center) and Mike Rutland were even better. Real book lovers, charming, and very hospitable.

Gingy in her garden. I only wish I had gotten a picture of her dog Ben as well. I would have slipped him into my luggage if I hadn't bought so many books.

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jenn's mama said...

Fantastic pics, Spring. Your hair grew quickly, no? Love the pic of you sitting in the big chair.