Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm old enough that a cell phone still seems miraculous to me.  And...I'm guess I'm young enough that I feel good instead of irritated that I can always be reached.  In fact, I am willing to give my cell phone a great deal of credit for the writing I do.

Because I've got it, I can go to my "office" (Starbucks) all day long  and focus on the keyboard not having to worry that my family can't get hold of me.  

Because I've got it I can call people and ask for words that I just can't think of and can't go on without.  (What's that word for...?)

I've made appointments, had interviews, set up schedules...on my cell phone.  

I got the call from my agent saying she had sold my book on my cell phone.  

And today my writing buddy and I did writing sprints together, though we were a hundred miles apart, because of my cell phone.  

My cell phone and my lap top...

Oh, let me tell you how thankful I am for my laptop!   (Another entry)

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