Monday, November 12, 2007

Ol' bat ears, the barfalo herself, has a following. She is big in Germany. (Her picture showed up on a German site!) Well, she's big here, too...but we're talking BIG,sis. In any case, I am not one to stand in the way of feline attraction. Here she is again, world. And if anyone wants her, just let me know. She threw up on my feet last night. Other than that, she's a GREAT cat. Really, let me know.

I'm back to the new project. Back to my office where they brew my coffee to order. The only trouble is, sometimes when I walk through those double swinging doors someone is sitting in my seat! I give the person the evil eye, and yet they do not move. I complain at the counter, but apparently other people are ALLOWED to sit wherever they want in Starbucks when I'm not there, AND when I am. Very sad. I did manage to get some work done. Thank you Jill for finding me a place to perch. As for all those people who go to my office only to drink coffee- that's OK, I guess, but how about scooting over?

I wonder if I could call ahead and make a reservation?

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