Friday, November 2, 2007


I've received several queries about why I've stopped blogging. I haven't STOPPED, I'm just vacationing for a bit because I've felt like...well, Pippin demonstrates above. I am feeling a little more myself now. I'm back on track running and biking. All the clothes are washed. I am imbedded in the books that I picked up on tour, and they are wonderful, and I have even managed to be taught by my webmaster extraordinaire, Sally, how to link. Really, me. I can do it. Say I wanted to talk about The Outlander, a book written by Gil Adamson. I could then invite you to...
Check out this interview
And you would be whisked magically to it! WOW!

Let's try it again. If you haven't read Locke 1928 yet, you really should. Find out more about the book and the author at..
Stone, Ink Brush and Paper, Shawna's website

Ta Da!.

Now that I can do this, I will go back and link to all those people on the tour, so scroll back, find out more about authors of the west and authors from that sister nation of ours, Canada.

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Razovsky said...

Spring, you deserve a break from blogging! Your blog has been so amazing. Thanks for all the great photos, and your beautiful take on the experiences of touring with your first book.

Also, it was fantastic meeting you!

Hope all's well.