Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Billings to home

Yet another large decorated animal in Billings, this one I found interesting for the ungulate painted on ungulate action. Bighorn/Angus/sheep. A sort of inverted hierarchy?

The panel: THE NOVEL QUESTION went really well with a good turnout, good readings and good questions afterward. Here you see Tom Watson (Montana 1949) and Russell Rowland The Watershed Years in back.

Alyson Hagy

and our host and moderator, the charming Corby Skinner.

This is Craig Johnson, mystery writer, former law enforcement official, gallant.

Sunday morning Cherie Newman took me to the airport. As has been the way, clouds rushed in as I was about to board the plane.

I always peer in the window, if I can, afraid to catch the pilot swilling vodka, hoping, instead, to see a stalwart, sober person with exceedingly quick reflexes and keen eyesight. How I would discern this I'm not sure. Perhaps he would be siezing flies from their flights with chopsticks. This guy had his head down. I was hoping he was reading something flight-related and not nodding off. He managed to get us to Salt Lake-though the flight was kind of wobbly. Then Salt Lake to home.

It was great to be home. Louis picked me up at the airport, it was WARM! (Today it is 85) Great to see him, the kids, cats, creatures, the house. I was gone for twelve days. I had a wonderful time, but boy, there's no place like home (click, click)

And Turpentine? I bent it, clipped it, wrote notes in it, stuck paper in it, spilled beer on it twice...you can see on the top pages that I worked it hard. However....

The front looks brand new. The cover, the flaps held up like nobody's business. Grove sure did do a great job.

And how did I hold up? Not 24 hours in, some virus that snuck onto the lining of my nose on the plane to Billings, I suppose, struck me down. I collapsed on the couch to watch 30Rock. Went to the doctor and he said the trouble swallowing wasn't strep, but the muscles in my neck. I sprained my throat? I guess I'll be quiet now.

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jenn's mama said...

I can't believe you are back home. I bet that was some adventure.