Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday- Oh, what a beautiful morning

I slept in this morning. Late enough that I missed breakfast. Instead had an early lunch. Stepping out of the residence hall I got my first look of daylight Banff and it is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I stood on the steps of the residence hall and just drank in the view.

Then I headed into the Sally Borden Centre to find food.

The Vista Lounge is well-named. I took a table at the window so that when I looked East I saw the mountains.

Looking down I could see the swimming pool through the glass ceiling.

The dining area, tables marked for the various groups utilizing the Centre.

I was in the ART section, but I thought it might be interesting to sit here. I contemplated carrying my plate over but worried I'd be caught out. Besides, I had the best seat in the house already.

Coffee, coffee, coffee, newspaper, view, and, could it get any better? -pastries!

I will spend several hours writing today, then plan on a late swim in the fab pool, meeting Stuart for dinner (Gil maybe, if she's caught up with us and not busy) and then a couple of readings tonight. I will get out and wander around, but don't really have good hiking gear for anything serious. I read in the Banff Centre guide to be careful of wildlife...the usual things like not approaching a bear, or feeding a wolf.

I did appreciate the SIGNS OF ELK AGGRESSION they included: -head held high. -teeth exposed. -elk looking directly at you with whites of eyes showing.

I could cross out ELK and write in my name and it would still be right, it occurred to me...

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