Sunday, October 14, 2007

Closing WordFest Party, The Club, Sunday Night

It was a celebratory evening, open bar and open mike. Niels Hav (We Are Here or Grundstof) spoke for all- thanking Anne Green, Festival Director, and all the staff and volunteers who made the WordFest such a great event. To the right, Daniel Sada (Porque parece mentira, la verdad nunca se sabe) and Minerva Margarita Villareal (Perdida) two of Mexico's most influential writers.

Ian and Stuart hammered out an Exquisite Corpse-esque ode-

and performed it to the delight of all.

Anne Greene and Priscilla Uppal

Me and Priscila Uppal

Michelle Noel (Hush! Hush!) and myself

Gil Adamsonand Niels Hav

Gil and poet Sina Queyras (Teeth Marks, Slip)

Fantastic night, sad farewells, but tomorrow is another day to look at mountains, live the good Banff life, and try to fit the new books PLUS my old (getting a little drabby) clothes into my luggage for the trip to Missoula on Tuesday.

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