Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sunday Monday....coming home

We had one day in Deadwood to visit with old friends (from Jr. High!) who drove up from Casper to see us. We walked around Deadwood and Custer State Park, had dinner at the restaurant that Nylah had recommended. Then packing. I'm not sure how we managed, but we squashed about fifteen new books into our luggage and still fit all of our clothes as well. The suitcases were heavy, but since we didn't have to worry about not having clothes back in CA, we checked our bags and didn't have to lug them around much.

On the plane I tried to put my Avid Reader reading together, but mostly dozed. My ears were fine and the flight was shorter as it was routed through Salt Lake rather than Minneapolis.
We touched down in California, I picked up bags while Louis got the car (90.00 for parking! Still, cheaper than three on the van service)

When we got home I had a message from Elizabeth at Grove. I had the opportunity to appear on Jeffrey Callison's show on Capital City Radio...the next day. Would I do it? Louis was teaching all day and the thought of having to fight my chronic lack of direction and propensity for being lost was deflating. Sally saved the day. She said, "Of course you'll do it! I'll drive."

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jenn's mama said...

90 for parking. this is why i was so fond of bus 42! happy homing!