Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Radio 2-Hope for the miners

This is the ARC of Turpentine.
Sam, months ago on the way to Iceland, put the book on the shelves of an airport bookstore and took the picture. I include the photo today because Louis, flying to Oklahoma City called me from the Denver airport and said my book was on the shelves in the bookstore there. Coincidence, or does Sam have powers to divine the future or to make bookstores stock my book?

I was in good spirits later in the afternoon when I went to the KDVS radio station in Lower Freeborn Hall to be on the Doctor Andy Poetry and Technology show. I was ready to read part of the passage in Turpentine that dealt with Ned being in the coal mine and almost dying from white damp. However, while sitting in the waiting area I listened to a snippet of a report from South Africa where 3,000 miners were trapped in a gold mine.

Andy walked into the station, and I told him I had been going to do a reading concerning mining... he asked if I'd heard the news. I nodded and said I'd read a different section under the circumstances. There was only a minute or so until the show aired. I still had the sheet of paper from Jeffrey Callison's show in my bag, however, and was able to read from that section (Ned skinning a buffalo) instead. The interview went well, and it was nice to see Andy Jones again (we once had offices in the same building when I was in grad school) but it is strange that suffering and the pleasant and the mundane all exist on the same pin point of time.

As of an hour ago 350 men had been lifted from the mine and it looked like the rest would be rescued quickly. Those poor men, their terrified families. I hope all is well soon.

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Shawna Yang Ryan said...

I thought of your book when I heard that story too. A mile below the surface! I can't even make it through the Caldecott Tunnel without getting the heebie-jeebies.