Saturday, October 13, 2007

Arriving in Banff

We arrived at Banff at dusk, this being the closest, unfuzziest picture i could manage of the spectacular scenery with the waning light through the bus window.

Upon arrival we checked in and got our meal ticket. Meal card, really. We flash this at the dining hall and our meals are taken care of. We were too late to utilize it tonight and so went to the pub and had honey lagers and pub food. Author Susan Juby and I pulled faces, but the photos on the ID were so grainy (or perhaps in my case, I so often pull that face) they didn't seem sooo bad.

Dropped off our luggage in our rooms. A little more dorm style than the pillow lofted luxury of the Hyatt, yet very nice. Long desk made for writing. (I will write tomorrow)

Finally a reading by three authors (RAY ROBERTSON (pictured in the hat), JOEL HYNES, MORGANIS) who were billed as Canada's hottest young writers. We drove downtown with them to the Bison Mountain Bistro, and back to the Banff Centre afterward. Nothing like driving around with Canada's hottest young writers to make someone feel like the States' most middle-aged novelist.

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