Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Twas the night before...Calgary

MONEY! We neglected to exchange our Canadian currency for US dollars after a trip we took to Canada YEARS ago. YEARS. So long ago, I hope the tender is viable. I have meant (again, for years) to take the money to the bank but...I must have somehow known that I was going to Canada and that my dollars were only going to plummet in value over the next 8 years and I should keep the Canadian cash and use it to good effect in 2007.

I am packed. My new carryon has ten days worth of clothes stuffed into it. My over the shoulder bag is waiting for my computer and then all will be ready for my flight. I timed all of the passages that I might be called upon to read for one reason or another, and so know to the half minute how long each will last. A good rule of tongue is that one page takes about 2 minutes to read aloud. I made my cards with the transitions penciled in and paperclipped them in place inside the book. I have phone numbers, e-addresses, itineraries, and a charged cell phone.

Elizabeth told me it was snowing in Banff today, and I went to my favorite used clothing shop with my favorite fashion consultant and got a long black wool coat (among other finds) to keep me to warm. I ferreted out my black gloves from deep within the winter-wear bag hanging in the closet, and stuck them in my bag. I picked shoes with a tread.

And finally, I do have my camera and this leg of the trip I WILL TAKE PHOTOS OF THE EVENT, not lamely taking after thought photos when the party's over. Airport-8a.m. I hate waking up early.

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