Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday in Banff

Yesterday Gil Adamson, A.L. Kennedy and I walked to Banff in the dark. Alison Kennedy engaging in heroics time and again, first by agreeing to go to Banff in the pitch dark, second by escorting a drunken disgruntled candy afficianado out of the candy shop (where they sold the adorable candies shown....not turtles, but bear claws...get it?) and third by hanging out until it was four in the morning Glasgow time and not going toes up half-way back from town. Gil showed us the way through cemeteries, dark alleys and scarily awful tourist dives.

Next morning-lunch for breakfast again. On the way to brunch-a red and white suited checkerboard man playing red and white chess with anyone who would take him on in a Banff performance art piece.

At brunch:
The brilliant poet/fiction writer Priscila Uppal (Ontological Necessities) who also knows how to dive, fence, ice skate...(and on!) with Australian hip hop artist Morganics

Gil Adamson ( "The Outlander"! ) and Pacific Northwest Gothic novelsist Gail Anderson-Dargatz (A Recipe for Bees and The Cure for Death By Lighting)

Me and Stuart Ross who actually managed to work on his new edgy novel after eating this afternoon and before drinking tonight!

Heading toward Banff, on foot, this time in daylight, to admire the Bow River.

Gil Adamsonin front of yet another (2) bison

Canada has dollar stores too!

The Canadian Equivilent of Starbucks, THE SECOND CUP.

Where they have the uber-delicious (something....what is the name...check back later!) bar.

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